How to Grow Weed the Easy Way

When learning how to grow weed you must relize that marijuana is in fact a weed. It is not complicated at all to grow. Sun, soil, and water is all you need to grow a succesful crop.

First, you must start with some high quality seeds. You can use seeds from a good bag of smoke or search the Internet.

To increase the chances of germination the second step is to put the seeds in a glass of tap water and let soak overnight in a cool dark place.

Then take a Styrofoam cup with a small whole in the bottom and fill with good quality soil (I recommend Organic Miracle Gro Potting Soil).  Water soil until water comes out the bottom. Plant seeds an inch apart and twice as deep as the seed is wide. Place cup in another cup to catch drainage and cover with saran wrap  to retain moisture, now place in cool dark place

After a couple of days to to a few weeks (Depending on the quality of seeds), we should see some sprouts. Carefully transfer sprouted seeds to there own cup and place near sunny window.

Find out when people plant tomatoes in your area and that's when you want to plan on transferring  your baby's outside and into about 3 gallon pots. Use the same kind of soil and place some rocks at the bottom of your pot for drainage. Also if you mix in some granules it will cut the watering down to about 50% Sprinkle some Mircle Gro Shake and Feed and you they are good to go.

When it's time to transfer outside, start by leaving the plants out a couple hours each day. Give plants time to adjust to the climate.

In about 60 days you should have awesome buds to harvest.

What you have just read is How to Grow Weed the easiest way I know how. I do not claim it's the best way, it's just what works for me and I'm sure it will work for others. For further study I recommend Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow DVD, it features all the information a beginner needs to get started plus advance techniques guaranteed to greatly increase the yield of your garden.